The Los Angeles Dodgers will open this extremely strange 2020 MLB season against the San Francisco Giants next Thursday.

I haven’t been inspired to write for my blog in some time and I think it was due to the fact that there wasn’t much going on in the world of baseball other than speculation and rumors.

Like many fans, my Dad and I had tickets for Opening Day this year and had tickets to attend 10 other Dodger games. I was looking forward to this season like everyone else because the Dodgers and Andrew Friedman had just pulled off a blockbuster trade with the Boston Red Sox in which the Dodgers received Mookie Betts and David Price.

Fast forward about a month or two later and the idea of a complete major league season started to fade away. I think everyone knew that the inevitable would eventually happen and everything would be temporarily canceled.

During this time, there was no baseball and life was at a stand still. I was temporarily furloughed at my job and while it was a dream to not work and still make more money than I would if I was at work, it just didn’t make me happy.

Watching baseball and then voicing my opinions about the Dodgers or other teams is something that does make me happy.

So I am extremely excited to be back in a mood where I can focus on Dodger baseball and provide quality content for those who support this blog.

Let’s Go Dodgers!

– Jack, Owner of LeadOff Dodgers

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