As we get closer and closer to the July 31st Trade Deadline, non contending teams start to make certain players available for trade. Some teams that are in rebuild mode will sell off the players that have value to teams that are in need. Other teams that are teetering between contention and non contention start to mention big name players that could garner a ridiculous haul of talent, both major and minor league.

The New York Mets were the most talked about team today in regards to trades.

Today, the New York Mets were reportedly listening to offers on Noah Syndegaard. Syndegaard is having a down year, pitching to a 4.33 ERA in 126.2 innings with only 126 Strikeouts. The asking price on a player like Syndegaard even in a down year will still be high. Here’s why the Los Angeles Dodgers need to pull the trigger for the third season in a row and complete a blockbuster trade.

The New York Mets who should have started rebuilding their team in the last offseason look like they want to finally start heading in that direction. Once, the Mets had a promising rotation of nasty fireballers and young talent. Now, that dream is all but dead. Syndegaard, deGrom, Wheeler and Matz have all had their ups and downs in recent years. The most successful of the four has been Jacob deGrom, who won the National League Cy Young award last season.

Syndegaard, Wheeler and Matz have all had their fair shares of injuries and inconsistencies. Prior to today, the New York Mets were shopping Zack Wheeler, and they still may be shopping him but, Wheeler has recently had some shoulder issues. This has put a sour taste in the mouths of General Managers that might not want to gamble on Wheeler. The prospect package may not be worth the risk if they receive Wheeler and he goes down with a lengthy shoulder injury.

That’s why the Dodgers should come in and offer the Mets a deal they cannot refuse for Noah Syndegaard. Although Syndegaard is having a down year, he still has more strikeouts than any starter for the Dodgers and he has pitched more innings, too. At only 26 years old and with 2 years left of team control, Syndegaard is a hot ticket item.

Teams love to acquire players that have years of control on their contracts. This is what drives up the prices on these players, though. Especially with a pitcher like Syndegaard. He’s a flame throwing pitcher that loves to strike guys out. A man capable of hitting 100+ on the radar gun as a starter is deadly. Slot him in the Dodgers rotation as a number 3 or 4 and the Dodgers are ready to dominate the playoffs. Imagine a rotation of:

  1. Hyun Jin Ryu
  2. Walker Buehler
  3. Clayton Kershaw
  4. Noah Syndegaard
  5. Rich Hill

Move Maeda to the bullpen where he really shines and the Dodgers have themselves a deadly force. If this trade were to happen and if the Dodgers were the first team to wow the Mets with an offer, what would it include?

Obviously one of the Dodgers top 10 and possibly top 5 prospects will be shipped off. A package of Keibert Ruiz, Tony Gonsolin, Jeter Downs and possibly another mid level prospect would be enough of a haul to declare a win win for both teams. The Dodgers get Noah Syndegaard who could potentially pitch them to a World Series title and the Mets can start to rebuild their team around young high level prospects.

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