All Star Game logo

Today the Los Angeles Dodgers held a Press Conference at Dodger Stadium to unveil the logo for the 2020 All Star Game and plans for new renovations at the park.

2020 will be the first time since 1980 that the All Star Game has been played in Los Angeles at Chavez Ravine. The wait has been excruciatingly long but the wait has finally paid off. The logo for the All Star Game is just what you would imagine when thinking of the bright lights of Los Angeles.

As for the renovations, those should be done by the 2020 season. Some of the renovations have even begun at Dodger Stadium. The last time I was there, roughly a month ago, they had already started to build the elevator shafts that would lead to the Reserve Level of Dodger Stadium. The renderings of the stadium renovations look amazing.

The majority of the renovations will be taking place behind the Right Field and Left Field Pavilions. It seems as if the Pavilions will be completely redone in order to have a brand new concourse at the top of each Pavilion section where fans can stand and watch the game before heading down to their seats. In my opinion, I think this is a great plan. Next, the Dodgers are planning to build a brand new entertainment plaza behind the Pavilions. From what you can see in the renderings, it looks as if there will be either a few bars/lounges along with a brand new team store of some sort. Giant LED screens will be placed throughout the plaza so that fans won’t have to miss any of the action if they are late to their seats.

A great addition to Dodger Stadium will be a brand new statue to accompany Jackie Robinson. Sandy Koufax, possibly the greatest Left Handed pitcher, will receive his very own statue in 2020. No other details have been released about the statue at this time, though.

Surely this will be a huge project for the Dodgers and they are confident that it will be finished by the 2020 All Star Game. As for us fans, what does this mean? Personally, I love the idea of updating the stadium and making the stadium a more enjoyable experience. The price to go to a game is high and this will help fans justify going to more games. However, now ticket prices and costs of other items will go up.

Some fans pose the argument of, “The stadium is one of the oldest in Baseball and shouldn’t be messed with”. While that is a great idea, it’s not feasible. At some point, renovations have to be made. No stadium is safe from being torn down or from being renovated. After all, they did tear down the original Yankee Stadium. I am excited for the renovations and I hope I am able to snag a ticket to the first All Star Game at Dodger Stadium in 40 years!

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