Series Recap: Dodgers struggle to finish off Giants

Here we are, the first Monday after the first weekend of the 2020 season. Some teams are in first place, other teams are in last. For the first time since 1954, no baseball team has gone 3-0 to start their season. Missed opportunities kept the Dodgers from going 3-1 or even a perfect 4-0. The […]

All Star Game preview, Manny Machado and more trade rumors

With the All Star Game rapidly approaching, the rosters were officially announced on Sunday. The Red Sox, Astros and Indians lead the league with a total of five players from each team going to the All Star Game. Highlighting the All Star Game for the Los Angeles Dodgers are Matt Kemp and Kenley Jansen. In […]

Help us Justin Turner, you’re our only hope

“THIS TEAM!” just made the worst team in baseball look like an amazing team. “THIS TEAM!” made Homer Bailey and Matt Harvey look like Cy Young candidates. “THIS TEAM!” can’t score with runners in scoring position to save their lives. In the words of Tommy Lasorda, “You couldn’t hit water even if you fell out […]