The Second Half Dodgers Look To Build On A Remarkable Season

With the All Star break over, the Dodgers are now setting their sights on October. In order to get there, the Dodgers will have to keep defending their lead in the Division and they’ll have to add a few more pieces to their team. With that being said, what can we expect from the Dodgers […]

Clayton Kershaw’s No-Hitter Anniversary

Picture Credit: Carrie Giordano/Los Angeles Dodgers Where were you when one of this generations best pitchers threw his first No Hitter? Were you at the game or were you sitting at home watching it on TV? It has been five years since Clayton Kershaw through his No-Hitter against the Colorado Rockies. Since then, Clayton Kershaw […]

The Baseball Gods have blessed the players with some big checks this year

Remember when everyone was complaining about players getting signed for too much money? And then everyone started complaining about players not getting paid enough money? Well I think that has all come to an end now. Once again, baseball fans are caught up in the speculation game. I’ve already written about this in a recent […]