Clayton Kershaw named Opening Day starter for ninth straight season

Today in Arizona, Dave Roberts addressed the media and confirmed that Clayton Kershaw would be the Dodgers Opening Day starter for the ninth straight season. It wasn’t like we didn’t know this would happen but at least we got confirmation that it is going to happen. Kershaw’s streak may be ending, though, since the rise […]

Dodgers are clawing for the finish line in the final week of the season

Once again, my apologies for the lack of posting throughout this month. School has recently started and my usual days for writing are all mixed up now. Anyways, I will work to fix this problem and get back to posting regularly. The final week of the 2018 Major League Baseball regular season is here. Starting […]

Dodgers pummel the Pirates and share first place with Diamondbacks

It is a hot Summer day and the Dodgers are representing this weather perfectly. They are HOT! I told you in my previous post that the Pirates were a miserable team but I had no clue they could be this miserable. Wow, the Dodgers scored seventeen runs the first game, eight the next game and […]

Dodgers and Cubs square off in another potential playoff series

Hello everyone, I am back. I didn’t go anywhere, I just got real lazy the past two weeks. June is a hectic month for my family but that shouldn’t be a reason to not post and keep my readers entertained or informed. Anyways, I’m back and I’ve got a lot to talk about! Since the […]