Big name free agents already signing with new teams

The 2019 MLB offseason is already off to a better start than the previous offseason. Although the premier free agents, Gerrit Cole, Stephen Strasburg, and so on have yet to sign a contract, other free agents that are desirable have begun signing with new teams. The most recent player to sign was Yasmani Grandal who […]

Dodgers linked to high value free agents, Donaldson and Rendon

The Dodgers don’t need a new third baseman but if you have an opportunity to sign Anthony Rendon to a long term deal or a newly reinvented Josh Donaldson, you do it. Justin Turner is more than adequate at third base in terms of offensive production. However, his defense had trended downhill since 2016 when […]

Dodgers have a lead over the Braves but is it going to last?

Yes, the lead will last. I held off on writing this post because I wanted it to be celebratory and I wanted to congratulate the Dodgers on advancing to the National League Championship Series. After last night, the story has changed. Before heading to Atlanta for Game 3 of the National League Division Series, the […]

Dodgers return home after a successful road trip

After the All-Star break ended, the Dodgers began a series with the Milwaukee Brewers in which they took two out of the three games. Following that series, the Dodgers went to Philadelphia to take on the surprisingly good Phillies and unfortunately lost the series. Finishing up the long road trip, the Dodgers flew to Atlanta […]