Series Recap: Dodgers sweep Angels in Anaheim Freeway Series

For the first time ever, the Dodgers swept the Angels in Anaheim. This is such a shocking fact but I can’t help but believe it somehow. Whenever the Dodgers play the Angels, whether it be at Chavez Ravine or at the Big A, the Angels always decide to play like a World Series team. Last […]

Joc Pederson, Ross Stripling traded to the…Angels?

While the major blockbuster trade occurred last night between the Dodgers and the Red Sox, another trade was also being conducted that involved the Angels. It was first reported that Joc Pederson would be getting traded to the Angels for an infielder named Luis Rengifo. Then it was reported that a major league starter was […]

The Dodgers miss out on all three of the premier free agents

Anthony Rendon, Gerrit Cole and Stephen Strasburg signed everywhere except for the Los Angeles Dodgers. Amongst all the rumors, the Dodgers were supposedly there in the mix for both Cole and Rendon. There has been no information in regards to if they were pursuing Stephen Strasburg or not. The Dodgers did not need any of […]

Gerrit Cole, Stephen Strasburg and Anthony Rendon: Who do the Dodgers want more?

Each of these players are regarded as the top free agents of this winter offseason. Unlike last year, the free agent market is moving quicker due to more desirable players being available. Sure, last offseason had Manny Machado and Bryce Harper but they were looking for paydays that not many teams were willing to settle […]

The Baseball Gods have blessed the players with some big checks this year

Remember when everyone was complaining about players getting signed for too much money? And then everyone started complaining about players not getting paid enough money? Well I think that has all come to an end now. Once again, baseball fans are caught up in the speculation game. I’ve already written about this in a recent […]

Is the public determining a Free Agent’s fate, not the player?

Recently, we’ve seen key Free Agents or even players that are playing on a current contract have their future decided by fans and the public. I’ve had this issue on my mind for a while now. I’m referring to Clayton Kershaw and Mike Trout specifically. Two of the most prominent players in this current era […]

Angels have temporary bragging rights over the Dodgers

It’s that time of the year when the Dodgers play the Angels in the Freeway Series. Instead of playing a four game series against each other, the two clubs are hosting each other for three games a piece on separate weekends. The first series took place in Anaheim…or Los Angeles…or California…or Disneyland? I don’t know […]