My Dad and I have renewed our Dodgers Mini Plan for the fourth season. My Dad trusts me to choose the games that are provided to us and I feel that I have chosen ten games that will be great matchups and will make for exciting content on my blog.

Of the thirty games that you are able to choose from, most of them are against National League West opponents such as the Giants, Rockies, Dbacks and Padres. However, the Dodgers do give you an opportunity to see teams that you wouldn’t normally see play at Dodger Stadium.

Those teams include the Cleveland Indians and the Minnesota Twins. Both are teams that are competitive and have superstar players.

Here is the completed list of games that my Dad and I are attending this 2020 season (so far):

  1. March 26th VS San Francisco
  2. April 14th VS St. Louis
  3. April 28th VS Minnesota
  4. May 24th VS Cleveland
  5. June 1st VS Atlanta
  6. June 4th VS Colorado
  7. June 30th VS Cincinnati
  8. August 4th VS San Diego
  9. August 9th VS New York
  10. August 29th VS San Diego
  11. September 13th VS Arizona

Opening Day on March 26th is not included in the 10 game Mini Plan that the Dodgers offer but my Dad and I always attend. Sure the prices may be a little over the top but Opening Day is just a wonderful day that should be made into a National Holiday. Waking up on a fine Spring day, skipping work or school, seeing the Dodgers play the Giants, what can possibly be better than that?


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