Anthony Rendon, Gerrit Cole and Stephen Strasburg signed everywhere except for the Los Angeles Dodgers.

Amongst all the rumors, the Dodgers were supposedly there in the mix for both Cole and Rendon. There has been no information in regards to if they were pursuing Stephen Strasburg or not.

The Dodgers did not need any of these players but with fans growing tired of not seeing a marquee free agent signing or a successful playoff run, the Dodgers should have done something.

Sure, Gerrit Cole’s nine year, $324 million contract with the New York Yankees is historic and record breaking, I believe that it will come back and haunt them towards the end. Gerrit Cole is a pitcher that is about to enter his age 30 season and has yet to experience any type of significant injuries.

Additionally, his dominance will only last five years or so and then you have a major financial issue on your hands. So, although I do sound bitter about the Dodgers not signing Gerrit Cole, I am not. Realistically, nine years for a pitcher is way too big of a commitment. On top of that, $36 million a year is too much commitment.

However, that didn’t stop the Dodgers from offering Gerrit Cole an eight year, $300 million contract. It seems as if money was not really an option and that Gerrit Cole wanted to be a Yankee.

Unlike Gerrit Cole, the Dodgers reportedly did not make an offer to Anthony Rendon. Throughout the week, the Dodgers and Rangers were considered front runners for the star third baseman. That was until the Angels jumped in and worked a deal at the last minute.

Anthony Rendon and the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim agreed to a seven year, $245 million contract. The contract included no deferrals, a full no trade clause and no opt outs.

What stopped the Dodgers from offering the same deal is mysterious. According to Jorge Castillo of the Los Angeles Time, “Their sense was that he didn’t want to play in LA. Orange County apparently was a different story.”

Where the Dodgers go from here is a mystery. They were rumored to be in on the big names but failed to sign one of them. They are still rumored to be in serious talks to acquire Francisco Lindor. Now, they are rumored to be aggressively pursuing Dellin Betances.

The rumors are flying and until something actually happens, I would take each rumor with a grain of salt.

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