Joc Pederson, Enrique Hernandez and AJ Pollock could potentially wear a different jersey by the start of the next season. Will that happen? For the right price it can.

“The Dodgers letting teams know that outfielders A.J. Pollock and Joc Pederson, and infielder/outfielder Enrique Hernandez are available at the right price,” Bob Nightengale of USA Today reports.

This sounds like the same story that keeps appearing after each season in regards to Joc Pederson. The White Sox have interest in Pederson yet nothing ever happens. There is no telling what the asking price could be but Joc definitely has value now after a great offensive season.

The Dodgers may seem more willing to trade Pederson this year as opposed to other years because he will be a free agent after the 2020 season. The same could apply to Enrique Hernandez as well.

Hernandez will be entering his final season before becoming a free agent in 2020. Hernandez is a more versatile player than Pederson is but only because he can play any position you tell him to play.

Just like Pederson, though, Hernandez may have some value to a team that is looking for a shortstop or second baseman with a decent bat.

A player that is shocking to see involved in trade talks is A.J. Pollock. After signing a complicated five year contract with the Dodgers last season, Pollock may see himself finishing that deal on another team.

Pollock’s first season with the Dodgers was definitely underwhelming. He was injured for quite some time with an infected elbow. After returning to the lineup, he showed promise in his swing. When the Dodgers got to the playoffs, Pollock went extremely cold and struck out 13 times.

This performance did not help his case at all and I don’t know how to defend the guy.  I have defended Pollock’s injury history before but it’s hard to keep finding new excuses. Pollock has good potential but the poor guy can never stay healthy.

With Pollock’s injury history and complex contract, he could be the most challenging of the three players to trade. Though, teams are willing to make some sort of deal to acquire a player that can potentially hit 30 home runs and play gold glove defense.

What do you think, do the Dodgers trade any of these players in order to bolster their chances at an eighth straight National League West title and possibly another World Series appearance?

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