For the first time in five years, there could be two MVP’s in Southern California. Mike Trout of the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim and Cody Bellinger of the Los Angeles Dodgers are finalists for their respective league’s MVP award.

If both players manage to win the prestigious award, it will be the first time since Mike Trout and Clayton Kershaw won the award in 2014. There is a reason why Mike Trout is considered the best player in baseball.

Since his rookie season, he has always finished in at least the top five in MVP voting. He won his first MVP in 2013 and then again in 2014. After a few seasons dealing with injuries, Trout could reclaim his third MVP award.

Despite missing the playoffs for the fourth straight season, Mike Trout continued to produce in multiple offensive categories. Although missing roughly 30 games due to injury, Trout’s final stat line for 2019 is more than impressive:

  • Home run’s – 45
  • Runs batted in – 104
  • Hits – 137
  • Average – .291
  • Runs – 110

So even though he missed about a month, he still produced an MVP caliber season.

His main competition for the award, sorry Marcus Semien, is Alex Bregman of the Houston Astros. Bregman is slowly starting to become the poster boy of the MLB’s youth movement and rightfully so. He has a certain swagger and knows how good he is.

The Houston Astros would have reached the playoffs this season regardless but, Alex Bregman was an integral part of that team. Forget what you want to believe about the current Houston Astros scandal, Bregman still had a job to do.

Unlike Mike Trout, Alex Bregman played in almost every game this season (156). In doing so, he produced a career season.

  • Home run’s – 41
  • Runs batted in – 112
  • Hits – 164
  • Average – .296
  • Runs – 122

Each of these categories except hits were a career high for Alex Bregman in 2019. Will it be enough, though? I think that Mike Trout has the better numbers but with Alex Bregman being on a playoff team, that could have an impact.

When you turn your eyes to the National League finalists, any of the three are more than deserving of the MVP award. Cody Bellinger returned to his rookie year self and produced a monstrous first half of the season. Christian Yelich was having a remarkable season , trying to repeat his 2018 MVP season before he suffered a season ending injury in September. Anthony Rendon, the quiet and humble Washington Nationals third baseman had a career year all while winning the 2019 World Series.

Being a Dodgers blog, this will obviously come off as being biased but, Cody Bellinger is the 2019 National League MVP.

After a miserable season in 2018, there were critics saying that Cody Bellinger’s rookie season was a fluke and that he couldn’t produce the same numbers. Wrong.

Cody Bellinger came out in 2019 and took the National League by storm. He was one of the most feared hitters in the first half and that earned him a spot on the All Star team. His second appearance in his first three seasons.

Don’t forget about his defense either. Cody Bellinger is more known for his power bat but his defense is just as good. Whether he was playing first base, center field or his natural right field, Bellinger could do it all.

So far, Cody Bellinger has won a Silver Slugger for right field and a Gold Glove for right field. If that doesn’t prove he was the best at that position this year, I’m not sure what will.

Cody Bellinger’s final stat line of 2019 was a significant improvement from his lousy 2018 season. Not to mention, they were the best numbers of his young career.

  • Home run’s – 47
  • Runs batted in – 115
  • Hits – 170
  • Average – .305
  • Runs – 121

His main opponent in the MVP race is Milwaukee Brewers right fielder, Christian Yelich.

Christian Yelich won the MVP award in 2018 and was rightfully deserving. He produced insane numbers and carried his team to the NLCS against the Dodgers.

This year looked to be a repeat of that season. Yelich was a feared hitter and punished almost everyone. The 2019 MVP race was neck and neck and still is depending who you ask.

Yelich was making his case to be a back-to-back MVP. That was until he suffered a fractured knee in September than ended his season. Event though his season ended shortly, Yelich still has the numbers to win another MVP award.

  • Home run’s – 44
  • Runs batted in – 97
  • Hits – 161
  • Average – .329
  • Runs – 100

Even though some numbers are slightly different than Bellinger’s, Yelich could still win the MVP. I think the deciding factor between the two comes down to their defense. They both play in the same league at the same position but only one walked away with a Gold Glove. Not to say that that will be the final say but, it does give Bellinger a slight advantage.

The American League and National League MVP’s will be announced later today on MLB Network.

It is always a positive when you see a Dodger as a finalist!

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