I do apologize for my inactivity over the past month. I have been busy with school, work and binge watching Game Of Thrones. Alas, this is not an excuse for neglecting my viewers by not uploading content on a regular basis. Additionally, with the current semester coming to an end, I will be uploading more content on a regular basis. This content will range from team updates, Major League Baseball updates and individual stories on specific players in the Dodgers organization.

To start off, the Dodgers are one of the best teams in baseball at the moment. Not only because their record, but because they are consistently putting together great performances. Whether it be the starting rotation with Hyun Jin Ryu or Cody Bellinger leading the offensive charge. The Dodgers have something good going for them this season. And I’m not just saying that because I’m a Dodgers fan. I really think this is the best team of the past three seasons.

The 2018 team was exceptional but had loads of flaws. The 2017 team was THE team. They had a remarkable season that came down to the very last game of the season; Game seven of the World Series. Unfortunately, we all know how that season ended. It ended the same way last season ended, a World Series loss at home in Los Angeles. This year, the Dodgers are back to settle the score.

As I’ve already said, everything (minus the bullpen) is clicking on all the right cylinders. The Dodgers have a potential Cy Young winner in Ryu and a potential MVP in Bellinger. The National League is depleted and other than the Brewers or Cubs, there is no clear favorite other than the Dodgers. Of course, that could change in the blink of an eye. Will it? Probably not.

The Los Angeles Dodgers are currently sporting a 32-18 record. Which is surprisingly very good for the first half of the season. Past seasons we have seen the Dodgers start the year off very cold and slowly work their way into the playoffs. Could this be a sign that the third time is the charm for the Dodgers?


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