Being down two starting pitchers to begin the season is never a good thing. It’s also not a good thing when those two pitchers are Clayton Kershaw and Rich Hill. However, the answer to this problem does not require an outside player to fit the bill. The Dodgers have more than enough talent to sustain this injury lull for at least a few weeks.

The Dodgers rotation as of right now consists of: Hyun Jin Ryu, Ross Stripling, Kenta Maeda, Walker Buehler and Julio Urias. Of that rotation, the Dodgers have a healthy balance between right handers and left handers. Unlike when Hill and Kershaw return and the rotation results in a lefty dominant rotation. Of these five starters, all of them are quality pitchers that could potentially lead a staff all on their own. Only one pitcher in this current rotation is able to hold the title of Ace: Walker Buehler.

Buehler is the next big thing and holds his own. He is able to handle the pressures of the big moment and doesn’t falter under the bright lights of Los Angeles. Let’s not forget how electric he was in Game 163, Game 7 against the Brewers in the NLCS and in Game 3 of the World Series. The kid knows he’s good and he knows how to control it.

Regardless of having a solid rotation to start the season, some fans think that the Dodgers need more. Certain fans are expressing the idea that the Dodgers should sign Dallas Keuchel because of his “veteran” presence in the clubhouse and his quality pitching. I will not deny that Keuchel is a good pitcher. He is but, Walker Buehler is better. Also, the Dodgers no longer need that “veteran” presence position in the clubhouse. Look at what this current team has done so far the past few years. They’ve made the World Series two times in a row and won the division six years in a row. The boys in blue know what they’re doing now. Dallas Keuchel won’t win the Dodgers a World Series.

Bringing in a guy like Dallas Keuchel will not solve this current issue. Not to mention the guy wants too much money and too many years otherwise he would have signed with someone by now. Sure Keuchel has won a World Series ring and Cy Young award but, so did Jake Arrieta and look at that situation. Arrieta and Keuchel are roughly the same pitcher when you compare the two.

Until the Dodgers get Clayton Kershaw and Rich Hill back, they will be a solid team. The current rotation will hold their own and fight through any tough waters that they may encounter. Let’s not forget how good Julio Urias was during Spring Training. Once Kershaw returns and is hopefully healthy, this team will live up to it’s full potential.

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