Remember when everyone was complaining about players getting signed for too much money? And then everyone started complaining about players not getting paid enough money? Well I think that has all come to an end now.

Once again, baseball fans are caught up in the speculation game. I’ve already written about this in a recent post but I’ll say it again. Nobody knows anything about a players mindset or attitude except for that player and the Front Office. Back when all the Mike Trout rumors started to fly around, people were guaranteeing that we’d see him playing for the Philadelphia Phillies. Or we’d see him sign a contract that is a little below his value just so he could remain loyal to the Angels. Everybody was wrong and making stuff up without any substance.

For those of you that haven’t heard the news, Mike Trout and the Angels have agreed to a 12-year, $430 million extension. There was no dramatic build up to this signing and no one saw it coming. In my personal opinion, I thought that Mike Trout would test Free Agency but that’s it. I didn’t have any solidified opinions on where he was going to sign or for how much. The reported deal between Trout and the Angels will be the largest deal in Pro Sports history. Taking over Bryce Harper’s then record breaking contract that he signed earlier this month.

Clearly Mike Trout knew how much he could command and clearly he has faith that the Angels can be successful at some point during this new contract. All of the rumors can be put to rest now that Trout is: A) Staying with the Angels till the end of his career and B) He is getting paid a ridiculous amount of money. Out of all the insane contracts that we have seen in the past couple of months, there is no doubt that Mike Trout 100% deserves every penny that he will receive. The man is the best player in the game.

As for other extensions, the Houston Astros and Alex Bregman have agreed upon a 5-year, $100 million contract. This comes shortly after Bregman had his salary bumped up to just $675,000 for this season. For a player like Bregman, the Astros were really screwing him on that deal. However, I’m sure the Astros knew what they were doing and only did that for the moment so they could tender him.

Alex Bregman is a stud and is still very young. He is starting to grow into a legit defender and offensive threat. I believe he is going to be a high .290’s hitter and around 30 Home Run’s a year type of players. Bregman will surely receive more money on his next contract.

So with Trout and Bregman, both home grown talent, signing extensions, this begs the question: Will the Dodgers sign any of their young players to an extension?

Obviously the names Buehler, Bellinger and Seager come to mind when talking about extensions. Out of the three, I personally feel like Corey Seager should be the first to get an extension. After him, Walker Buehler and ending with Cody Bellinger. All three players are extremely talented and would be worth a pretty penny in Free Agency. If the Dodgers were to start throwing out big contracts, I think that Corey Seager would receive a contract similar to Alex Bregman’s. As for Walker Buehler, I think the Dodgers would sign him to a deal like Aaron Nola of the Philadelphia Phillies. Nola signed for 4-years, $45 million during the Off-Season.

Cody Bellinger is a player with intrigue because he has had his Peak (so far) in 2017 and then regressed in 2018. Maybe this upcoming season will be his time to prove that 2017 wasn’t just a fluke or a result of pure momentum.

There have been no talks as of yet, that are known to the public, in regards to the Dodgers and their young core of talent. If something does end up happening, it could end up being a sleeper deal that we don’t know about until the news breaks. With all that being said, the players are getting paid and the fans are happy about it!


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