Now that games are regularly being played, we are starting to see the flurry of young talent that is developing in the Dodgers minor league systems. From pitchers to catchers, infielders to outfielders, the Dodgers are stacked at just about every position heading into the future.

There have been a handful of players that are truly showing off and then there are players that are pretty much doing nothing. Some players are minor leaguers and others are part of the major league squad.

Austin Barnes

Austin Barnes is playing like he has a chip on his shoulder. Last year he struggled a lot as he only hit 4 Home Runs and barely batted above .200. However, in Spring Training he is tearing it up. Barnes leads the Dodgers this Spring with 6 RBI’s and is putting the ball in play. With Russell Martin dealing with an injury, Barnes is starting to look like the Opening Day catcher.

Julio Urias

Although he will probably start 2019 in Triple-A, Julio Urias is showing that he has what it takes to be an Ace. After coming back late last year due to shoulder surgery, Urias has done nothing but be effective. With that being said, the Dodgers Front Office don’t want to rush him back and risk an injury to shoulder. Urias has hit the mid to upper 90’s with his fastball this Spring and looks sharp. Without a doubt we will see Urias in the rotation at some point of this upcoming season.

Alex Verdugo

This kid has been knocking on the door of the big leagues for what seems like years now. The last two seasons in Triple-A, Verdugo batted over .300 and was a plus outfielder. This Spring, Alex Verdugo is driving in runners and getting on base with ease. With the spot in Left Field open, Verdugo is making a statement that he deserves to be the starting Left Fielder on Opening Day. Sorry Joc, I think your time has ran out with the Dodgers.

DJ Peters

This guy is the real deal. A real power hitter that the Dodgers have lacked for years. Over his last two seasons in the minor leagues, Peters has crushed 69 Home Runs. Yes, you read that right. He is a monster and the Dodgers need to hold onto him for dear life. In his 15 At Bats this Spring, Peters has already hit 2 Home Runs. I like to compare Peters to Aaron Judge because of their size, position and their abilities to punish baseballs with ease. Dodger fans will likely see DJ Peters later on this year as a September call up.

So these guys are just a few that are making a positive impact on the club at the moment. Most of which we probably won’t see on the Major League roster until September. For the time being, the future is bright for the Dodgers.

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