manny machado dodgers

That’s right folks. This rumor has just surfaced this past week and since it is a rumor, go ahead and take it with a grain of salt. Really, baseball fans can’t believe everything that we hear or see on Instagram and Twitter but, we can at least entertain the rumors and pretend they are true.

This past week, Manny Machado’s father, Manuel Machado was interviewed by Hector Gomez on a radio show in the Dominican Republic. What was said during that interview was very interesting and has since started lots of conversations and speculation. Machado’s father said, “Manny has received offers from different teams: Yankees, Dodgers, Phillies, now there is a lot of interest from the White Sox.”

Everyone knew and still knows that three of those four teams listed above were already in the hunt for the four time All-Star. Everyone also knows that mystery teams could be involved in any capacity. What everyone did not know and still may not know for sure, is that the mystery team could be the Dodgers. Could the Dodgers be the mystery team that has been lurking in the shadows? The Dodgers always remain quiet on trades or signings until they happen; so it is possible they are the mystery team. If they are, that’s awesome and if not, at least the conversation is fun.

During that same interview with Machado’s father, Manuel, he said another interesting statement that got some attention. That statement being, “I believe that the team you will probably less think about is the one that’s gonna sign Manny Machado.” IF this is true, and it is a big IF, could the mystery team, Dodgers or not, be the team that ends up signing Machado?

Something to back up this whole mystery team ‘mystery’ is that the team has reportedly offered Manny Machado the largest offer of the known teams. Whether this is just the Machado camp talking and trying to start a bidding war is unknown.

A big question mark for this, if it is true that the Dodgers are the mystery team, is what will they do with their infield IF they were able to sign Manny Machado? Machado was a rental for the second half of the 2018 season and was a major contributor in getting to the World Series. With Corey Seager set to return to shortstop this upcoming season and Justin Turner at third, where would Machado fit in? Do the Dodgers pull off the signing and then make some hard decisions later?

We will have to wait and see what happens next in the Manny Machado saga!

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