In some ways, the Winter Meetings were a success for the Dodgers and in other ways they weren’t. Today we will examine what exactly happened for the Dodgers and where they can go from here!

For starters, the Dodgers have agreed to terms with a free agent right handed pitcher, Joe Kelly. Los Angeles and Kelly have agreed to a 3 year, $25 million contract. This contract sounds like a lot of money but it is about average for what a high value reliever can command on the open market.

Joe Kelly was a member of the Boston Red Sox last season and eventually won the World Series against the very team that he just signed with. You have to ask why he did it? Well I’m sure he would have loved to stay with the team that just won a championship but, the Red Sox are in over their heads with payroll. So you know they’re not going to bring back every player. Especially after signing Nathan Eovaldi for $67 million.

The Dodgers came through, however, and were able to sign a piece that they truly needed. Kelly will slot perfectly in the eighth inning to bridge the gap to Kenley Jansen. I feel like the Dodgers are revitalizing their team and signing/trading players that have specific roles. The platoon experiment from last year worked to an extent but it was just too much.

I think that besides signing Joe Kelly, the Winter Meetings were a bust for the Dodgers. They were linked to and are still linked to multiple rumors involving the Indians and now the Cincinnati Reds. From what I know and read, the Dodgers seem to have some kind of deal in the works with the Cincinnati Reds. Puig, Kemp, Wood and Hill are all involved in some extent or some combination. This might mean that the Dodgers and Indians talks for Kluber or Bauer have ended but honestly, nobody knows anything. The only people that know anything for sure are the general manager from the Reds/Indians and Andrew Friedman.

What might the Dodgers get if they complete a trade with the Reds? Well I hope Scooter Gennett is involved somewhere in the deal. Gennett had an amazing season last year and he is a solid defensive second baseman. To confirm a player that actually been mentioned, Homer Bailey is a player that the Dodgers may receive in the trade. Bailey was supposed to be this next big thing, Nolan Ryan type pitcher but he hasn’t had much success in recent years. However, the Dodgers may be able to work with him and help him regain his form, to an extent.

Out of the two big name pitchers, it’s easy to pick which one you’d want to receive if you were the Dodgers…(hint: Corey Kluber). Once again though, until something big actually happens, I guess we will all be left in mystery.

Oh did I forget to mention who has come off the market since my last post? Here’s an update:

  • J.A. Happ, resigned with New York Yankees, contract not currently known
  • Charlie Morton, signed with Tampa Bay, 2 years $30 million
  • Joe Kelly, signed with Los Angeles Dodgers, 3 years $25 million
  • Jeurys Familia, signed with New York Mets, 3 years $30 million
  • Jordy Mercer, signed with Detroit Tigers, 1 year $5.25 million
  • Andrew McCutchen, signed with Philadelphia Phillies, 3 years $50 million
  • Lance Lynn, signed with Texas Rangers, 3 years $30 million
  • Justin Bour, signed with Los Angeles Angels, 1 year $2.5 million

In addition to those big names being signed, there have been a handful of players traded. Those players include:

  • Edwin Encarnacion, traded from Cleveland to Seattle
  • Robinson Cano, traded from Seattle to New York Mets
  • Edwin Diaz, traded from Seattle to New York Mets
  • Jean Segura, traded from Seattle to Philadelphia
  • Tanner Roark, traded from Washington to Cincinnati
  • Ivan Nova, traded from Pittsburgh to Chicago White Sox

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