Dodgers VS Dbacks

Alright, Lebron is in Los Angeles now for the next four years. Time for him to put the team on his back and do everything possible to win a NBA Finals trophy for the fourth time. Like Lebron James, Manny Machado was brought to Los Angeles to help win a championship. Unlike basketball, one guy cannot do everything and sadly, Manny Machado is the only guy able to do everything for the Dodgers right now. Unless your name is Justin Turner but that is besides the point I’m trying to make.

This past year in the NBA, we saw a battered Cleveland Cavaliers team who at one point, didn’t look like they were going to go to their fourth straight Finals. It was at this point when Lebron decided the only way Cleveland was going to make the finals was if he did all the work himself.

Hypothetically, if everything was smooth sailing for the Dodgers and they had no injuries or slumping hitters, maybe everything that Manny Machado is doing wouldn’t be taken for granted. Machado could very well lead the Dodgers to the promise land but if and only if all the other Dodgers stepped up and decided to hit the ball when they need to. I don’t know where I’m going with this but essentially, Manny Machado and Lebron James are similar characters right now for Los Angeles based sports teams. Even though Lebron has yet to play a single game with the Lakers, you know he will be the main guy for the next four years. Why? Because he’s Lebron James and he puts the team on his back when he needs to.

Anyways, enough of the Manny Machado and Lebron James comparison. On my Instagram, @big_Jack_vegas, I conducted a poll asking if anyone would be interested in a sports podcast done by myself. Roughly fifteen people responded saying yes and that has been very encouraging for myself. I am going to go through with doing the podcast and I should be doing so within the next couple of weeks. Sometime in September for sure. “What Are The Odds? with Jack Vegas” will be the place to be if you want to hear about baseball, football and basketball. I must preface this though, my area of expertise is in baseball. I watch football occasionally but not as often as I’d like to. However, I feel like this podcast will encourage myself to learn more and about football and basketball so that I can have a real opinion on the topics I want to talk about. I am looking forward to starting this next step in my sports writing or broadcasting future!

In the podcast I’d like to answer questions that followers may have about something sports related (obviously). So let’s try out an example.

“Are you worried about Kenley Jansen not being 100% on the mound right now?”

My answer is no. Kenley Jansen among other Dodgers has underperformed this year but I know, Dodger fans know and baseball fans know that he is one of the best closers in all of baseball. There have been times when he’s looked really shaky but in the end, comes through and saves the game. I personally think that since he came off the Disabled List for his irregular heartbeat, he has been extremely off! I believe that he was rushed off the Disabled List and didn’t get a good amount of rest before being thrust back into a high leverage situation. Anyways, after a few days off, Kenley Jansen will be back to his dominant self.

This weekend for Dodger fans is an important one. Last night the Dodgers kicked off a four game series against the first place Diamondbacks and sadly lost. Instead of winning the game and being tied for first place, the Dodgers lost and now sit two games back. If they don’t manage to win this series, it could be a very scary situation for the Dodgers.

As I said earlier, Manny Machado is putting the team on his back and trying to do it all for the Dodgers and he did so by hitting a Solo Home Run last night. Machado has been on an absolute tear recently and now has 33 Home Run’s on the season! Buuuuuut, that one Home Run wouldn’t be enough as the Dodgers dropped the first game, 3-1. Tonight, Los Angeles sends Hyun-Jin Ryu to the mound to face former Dodger, Zack Greinke. Man oh man, if only the Dodgers had given Greinke the contract he wanted, it’s a shame, I really liked Greinke when he was with the Dodgers. Imagine Greinke, Kershaw, Rich Hill and Alex Wood in the World Series last year. Possibly would have won…oh well!

Now, the Dodgers are two games back from first place, hopefully when I upload my next post, the Dodgers will either be tied for first, in sole possession of first or close to being in first. If not, well then at least they tried!

Let’s Go Dodgers!

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