On a day that was dedicated to Jackie Robinson, it is only fitting that the Dodgers win their game. Without skipping a beat, Clayton Kershaw halted the Diamondbacks and snapped their eleven game win streak against the Dodgers. The Dodger offense got to Diamondbacks starter Zack Godley and managed to score six runs, five earned. This was good for the Dodgers because Godley has had their number for quite some time now.

I’ve got to say, Godley as a player is great, but I can’t stand his character. Does anyone feel the same way about different players? There isn’t anything wrong with them, it’s just something that you don’t like about the player. When Godley sprints off the field in between innings, it gets to me! Okay, back to actual baseball talk.

Who else would you give the ball to in order to snap a losing streak other than Clayton Kershaw? Kersh did what Kersh does best and he threw a gem. Outpitching Zack Godley, Clayton Kershaw threw seven innings, struck out twelve and only allowed one run. That run came via a Paul Goldschmidt solo Home Run. Prior to this, Kershaw had only allowed one hit which was a double by David Peralta.

As I mentioned before, Kershaw struck out twelve batters in yesterday’s 7-2 win over the Arizona Diamondbacks. Ten of those strikeouts were recorded by the slider that Kershaw had perfected. In doing so, Clayton Kershaw finally earned his first win of 2018. You can imagine that there will be at least ten more of those to come in the future, and maybe even more than fifteen if this team can manage to score more runs than just one or none.

The offense came alive during Sunday’s victory when they scored seven runs against Zack Godley and Silvino Bracho. The first run was scored in the bottom of the second inning when Enrique Hernandez hit a sacrifice fly to bring home Yasiel Puig. Then in the bottom of the third, Puig added two RBI’s of his own, making the score 3-0. To cap off the third inning, Chase Utley managed to draw a bases loaded walk to increase the score to 4-0. During the third inning, Zack Godley was all over the place and couldn’t stay in the strike zone. Godley walked Seager, Kemp, Barnes and Utley. Kiké grounded into a force out and had Puig out at home.

Leading off the fourth inning, Chris Taylor, who has been starting to heat up, sent a rocket into the left field pavilion. Chris Taylor now leads the team with three Home Run’s. Following the big hit, Corey Seager singled to center field. Now, once Seager and Taylor heat up and Turner comes back, good luck to the National League. Everyone knows that the Dodgers lineup is packed with power, it’s just a matter of time before the Dodgers start to perform to their high standards. Add Bellinger and Puig to the mix and you better watch out. There is no question, this Dodgers team is the same team that went to the World Series last year. Minus a few players, it is the exact team.

To add more salt to the wound, Chris Taylor came up and laced a 2-run double to David Peralta, scoring Austin Barnes and Chase Utley. The player of the game offensively was definitely Chris Taylor. Like I had said above, once he heats up the rest of the lineup will follow behind. The overall player of the game was Clayton Kershaw. You can always count on him to go out and end a losing streak. After Kershaw left the game, Pedro Baez was called upon to get three outs. Which he did and got two of those via strikeout. I still don’t think Baez should be playing with the Dodgers but oh well at least he’s doing well right now.

In addition to doing extremely well, Ross Stripling came in for the ninth inning and gave up one run. Stripling is a very talented pitcher and he is certainly shining right now. I believe the run that he gave up during the ninth inning was the first he had given up this season. Stripling may be making a case to fill the hole that Brandon Morrow left as the set up man. He is earning this spot due to his performance and Scott Alexander’s struggles. In my opinion, Josh Fields, Ross Stripling and Kenley Jansen should be the lockdown relievers in the bullpen. You have a seventh, eighth and ninth inning pitcher waiting to be called on.

This week the Dodgers start a quick three game series against the San Diego Padres and will return this weekend to face the Washington Nationals. While the Nationals are in town, Dodger fans will get to take a look at future Dodger, Bryce Harper. I’m kidding, obviously. I personally think that Harper will sign with Los Angeles because he is fed up with never advancing in the playoffs. Not to mention, Puig is also a free agent after this season and I’m sure the Dodgers would rather spend their money on a Superstar player that is capable of fifty Home Runs a year and has already won a National League Most Valuable Player award. Along with that, Harper has made five all star appearances (four more than Puig) and he won the Rookie Of The Year award in 2012. Signing Puig instead of Harper would be a massive mistake for the Dodgers front office. Spend the money this time!

Of course, this is all speculation and there’s no actual truth to any of it but it is fun to speculate. Some people don’t like Harper but I personally like Harper because he’s truly one of the two best in the game next to Mike Trout. The Dodgers main concern with signing anyone right now is Clayton Kershaw, who can opt out of his contract after this season if he wishes. I don’t think he will but the Dodgers are definitely going to pay this man whatever he wants. As they should. Seeing Clayton Kershaw pitch for anyone other than the Dodgers would just seem very strange. Almost like Mike Trout playing for any team besides the Angels, it doesn’t feel right.

One thing is for sure, the Dodgers are starting to find their groove and the National League better beware!


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