Hello everyone and welcome to Leadoff Dodgers! My name is Jack Vegas Cowart. Yes you read that correctly, my middle name is Vegas. I am an avid baseball fan and the author of this blog but most important, I am a Dodgers fan. I’ve been a Dodgers fan for as long I can remember, going to Opening Day with my dad has always been a thing. Not only that, last season my mom surprised my dad and I with a Mini-Plan for 2017! Besides the 10 games that we attended in the mini plan, my dad and I wound up going to about 15 other Dodger games. Yes, we like baseball and yes being at the game is sometimes more fun than watching the game on TV. Well let me take that back, most of us Dodger fans can’t watch the games on TV…so I guess just fill in the blank on that one.

This blog was created to express my opinions, views and build a community of Dodger fans. I’d like to talk about the Dodgers mainly but occasionally I will talk about other things such as: Trade rumors, great games, players and the playoffs. Since I plan on making this a community “event”, I’d like to answer questions that you may have about the team, trades, or who I think should be in the lineup each day.

Each season has its ups and downs for every team, last season the downs seemed to make everyone at Dodger Stadium furious! Many people, including myself, thought that the Dodgers would blow the rest of the season or not stand a chance in the playoffs. Boy were we wrong. Our beloved Dodgers went all the way to the World Series in a powerhouse matchup against the Houston Astros. Although the Dodgers lost the series, they didn’t get decimated. They were one win away from capturing their first championship since 1988. However, with this being the 30th anniversary season of the Dodgers winning the series and the 60th anniversary season of the boys in blue coming to Los Angeles, you can bet that the Dodgers will looking for a Hollywood finish!

So come along with me throughout the next six months and lets have a ball! I look forward to hearing what YOU have to say about the team and your input on specific situations. Let’s do this!




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